New build – one of the largest grain silos in the Middle East, construction under challenging climatic conditions

Since the climate and soil in Kuwait don’t fit for agricultural purposes, many commodities for baking and other grain products are imported. In 1961, a large government mill went into operation south of Kuwait City and directly next to the port. Demand has since surged and the related storage volume means capacities had to be increased. To make space for a new large grain silo and a flour silo, an existing plant on the grounds had to be demolished without interrupting ongoing operations. The new grain silo was built using jump forms on a very confined site. In addition to the lack of space, the new build had to be integrated into the existing complex, with ongoing milling entailing a lot of traffic, traffic closures downtown on a daily basis and the very dry and hot ambient climate, all factors making the project more complicated. The concrete had to be cured extensively to prevent it drying too quickly. The grain silo with its total of 140 silo cells rests on pile foundations of more than 300 cast-in-drilled-hole piles. It is 70 metres high and thus 10 metres lower than the adjacent head house. The plant as a whole has a footprint of 53 x 90 metres and is one of the largest in the Middle East.

ClientKuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries, Kuwait
Project partnerInros Lackner
Project dataHeight grain silo: 70 m, Height head house: 80 m, Silo capacity: 150,000 t
LocationKuwait City

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  • Structural engineering
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