Always that one step ahead: Our R&D.

Anyone who, like WTM Engineers, wants to bear to shape the future with daring ideas, needs to already know what will be technically feasible tomorrow. For this reason, we have always been curious to find out all about technological innovations and are passionately interested in research findings. By collaborating with almost all the leading German universities and research institutes, we remain abreast of the latest scientific insights.

We are involved with various research committees and standards boards and concern ourselves closely with new construction methods and innovative building materials. By lecturing at universities, we make certain this knowledge is passed on to the next generation of engineers.

Our R&D activities.

Where we contribute daring ideas:

  • BAW (German Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute): Working Party (WP) 19 – List of standards for services for waterways engineering: Protection and modernization of concrete components for hydraulic structures
  • BSH (German Federal Office for Maritime Navigation and Hydrography): Standards for structural realization of offshore wind farms
  • BUST (Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Construction):Scientific Advisory Council
  • BÜV (Construction Supervision Association): WP Wind farms, WP Disaster protection, WP Maintenance, supervision and restoration
  • (Carbon Concrete Composite)
  • DAfStb (German Committee for Reinforced Concrete): Technical Committee (TC) Design and construction, Ad-Hoc Group (AHG) Durability of used parking decks, Subcommittee (SC) Waterproof concrete structures, Working Party (WP) Planning categories (BBQ)
  • DBV (German Association of Concrete and Construction Technology): Main Committee Construction Execution (HABA) WP Watertight roofs, Main Committee (HAB) WP Multi-story and underground carparks, WP Crack formation, WP Bridge building – Group 3 Construction
  • DGGT (German Geotechnical Society): Working Committee (WC) Embankments, WP Excavation pits, WP Piles
  • DIN-NABau (German Institute for Standards – Construction Standards Committee): WC Foundation soil, Piles, WP Piles, WC Safety in earth and foundation works, WC Wind farms, WP BIM – Building Information Modelling, WP Design and construction of steel – concrete joints, WC Design and construction, Steering Committee Dept. 07 – Concrete and reinforced concrete
  • HTG (Society for Harbour Technology): WC Embankments
  • PIANC (Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses): Working Group 140 – Semi-Probabilistic Design Concept for Inland Hydraulic Structures, Working Group 206 – Study of Locks, AG 164 – Upgrade of Port Terminals by increasing dredged depth
  • PRB (PraxisRegelnBau, Action group for practice-oriented technical codes in civil engineering e.V.):Steering Committee, Project Group 6 Geotechnical support, Project Group 2 Concrete structures
  • WAB (Wind energy agency Bremerhaven): WP Foundation structures, WP Logistics and installation
  • VBI (Association of Consulting Engineers): WP BIM – Building Information Modelling, WP Waterways, PraxisInitiative Normung (PIN)
  • ZfP (Non-Destructive Testing): Head of Dept. atthe Munich Technical University, Prof. Große

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