A hot topic: Preventive fire protection.

It’s better to prevent fires than to have to put them out – which is why our fire protection engineers bring all their expertise to bear, working closely with the relevant authorities, to install innovative fire protection concepts that safeguard owners and users of properties against the risks of a destructive inferno. In the process, we always have our client’s best design, technical and business interests in mind.

To this end, we offer a broad range of services, including feasibility studies, technical fire protection assessments, holistic evaluations and customized measures derived from them – and always apply latest engineering methods and simulation programmes.

Our preventive fire protection services.

WTM Engineers realizes fire protection concepts for a wide array of different projects – ranging from hospitals, school buildings and high-rise buildings through to complex laboratory installations and industrial plants.

Our service spectrum covers planning, construction supervision and commissioning:

  • Fire protection concepts
  • Status analyses, cost estimates
  • Technical fire protection assessments
  • Planning for customized solutions, applications for waivers, compensatory measures
  • Simulation and calculations for smoke extraction, thermal loads and evacuation
  • Expert reports and expert assessments
  • Lists of measures with priorities, including for troubleshooting
  • Compilation of fire incidence matrices
  • Specialist construction management for fire protection
  • Preparation of component lists
  • Manuals for scheduled maintenance
  • Escape and rescue plans, firefighting plans
  • Fire protection ordinances
  • Evacuation concepts
  • Commissioning by the authorities
  • Implementation planning
  • Execution supervision


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