Everything under control: Production supervision.

WTM Engineers supervises the production of steel components in manufacturing plants the world over, amongst others in the building construction sectors of steel warehouses, bridges and hydraulic structures. We offer production supervision as a standalone service or as an integral part of the overall planning and supervision of a construction project.

Our construction engineers can draw on extensive structural engineering experience and additional qualifications obtained through advanced training as welding engineers (IWE, EWE), VT inspectors (Level 2) as per EN ISO 9712 and FROSIO coating inspectors (Level 3).

Our production supervision services.

WTM Engineers offers the following production supervision services:

  • Supervising construction steel production and corrosion protection as per MeKS, DIN 1090-2, ZTV-ING section 4, Ril 804 in the manufacturing plant. Controlling manufacture tolerances, surface preparation quality, welding seams and installation of bolted joints
  • Verification of the suitability of staff for the manufacturer’s steel construction and corrosion protection tasks
  • Monitoring of coating works as per ZTV-W LB 218, ZTV-ING section 4, Appendix E (RKK) and EN ISO 12944-7
  • Checking of the manufacturer’s documentation of production to conform to EN 1090-2, ZTV-W LB 216, ZTV-W LB 218, ZTV-ING section 4. Used material control, incl. joints, filler materials and the relevant test certificates and full material traceability documentation


Second lock chamber, Trier

Pedestrian bridge Bremerhaven

Helgoland Harbour South Quay

Butterfly Bridge

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