New construction of another lock chamber on the Moselle near Trier secures shipping traffic and was implemented with ongoing operations

The rise in bulk-carrier ship traffic on the Moselle over the last few years and the considerable capacity bottlenecks this creates at the weirs between Trier and Koblenz made it necessary to expand the lock structures. All ten locks in this section, which have been in operation for more than 50 years, are being expanded on the landside with the addition of a second lock chamber.

The new lock structure in Trier was built monolithically with spatial load-bearing capacity. As with the existing locks, the lower part of the lock features a double-leaf miter gate. The closure of the upper head is controlled by a pressure segment gate, while the excavation pit, which is up to 17 metres deep, was secured with mutually braced and repeatedly back-anchored intersecting bored pile walls and steel sheet piles. After completion, the lock chamber now has an effective width of 12.5 metres, an effective length of 210 metres, and a drop height of 7.25 metres. Within the scope of the new lock construction, the outer harbors also had to be extended. Currently the forebay in the upper water has approx. 400 metres of bank wall made of single back-anchored steel sheet piles, 225 metres of which are designed as a berth. The lower forebay, which measures approx. 720 metres in length, boasts more than 320 metres of bank wall consisting of a double back-anchored intersecting bored pile wall with concrete facing panels, of which 225 metres are designed as a berth.

The existing lock chamber was still operating during the construction period.

ClientWasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Trier
Project dataChamber length: 210 m, Chamber width: 12.5 m, Drop height: max. 7.25 m, Excavation pit depth: up to 16.75 m

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