Out at sea, about 30 km north of the island of Rügen, a total of 80 large wind turbines generate power for up to 340,000 households

The Baltic 2 windfarm is located in the German Baltic, 30 km north of the island of Rügen. It consists of 80 wind turbines on monopiles that are up to 55 metres deep jacket foundations, as well as a substation. It went into operation in 2015. The rotor has a diameter of 120 m.

In line with the requirements of the BSH (German Federal Agency for Maritime Shipping and Hydrography) “Standard Konstruktion” mandatory guidelines for windfarms, operators of wind power plants in the exclusive economic zone of Germany shall be obliged to undertake regular inspections of their plants and equipment in order to ensure that the offshore windfarm is duly and properly operated and does not pose a danger to people, the environment or shipping.

WTM Engineers’ subsidiary, GOCert, has approval from BSH to act as appointed inspectors checking such inspections, evaluating the results and issuing declarations of conformity where appropriate. In this context, since 2016 the inspectors have been actively supporting during the preparation of the concept of periodic inspections as they are updated, including the inspection plans and checklists, and reviewing and certifying the documents relevant to the windfarm inspection. The due conduct of the windfarm inspection is monitored by spot-checks on site. In each instance, at the end of the inspection period, the summarizing inspection report for the BSH has to be compiled and the conformity declarations prepared

DeveloperEnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
ClientGOCert GmbH
Project data80 wind turbines, Total output: 288 megawatts
LocationBaltic Sea
Project statusOngoing certification

Our services

  • Certification as per the BSH’s “Standard Konstruktion” manual of minimum requirements for the structural realisation of offshore edifices in the exclusive economic zone

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