Making absolutely certain: Independent third party review.

As independent, officially appointed, and state-certified check engineers, we offer design and construction checking that make a strong contribution to ensuring structures are safe and are guaranteed to deliver sustainable quality and consistent value. We review the structural design, the structural calculations, and the relevant implementation plans on a double-check basis, and perform random checks on site to ensure the due and proper implementation.

The timely inclusion of our check engineers in the design process means your plans are fit for approval and realization – regardless of how complex the construction project. Our clients range from public building authorities, waterways administration bodies and railway and civil engineering authorities through to private customers.

Our services in the field of independent third party review.

WTM Engineers provides the following services and qualifications as regards independent third party review:

  • Building construction and infrastructure: new builds and measures involving existing buildings, dismantling of structures (officially appointed check engineers in the specialist fields of concrete, steel and timber structures)
  • Waterway infrastructure: listed by the German Federal Waterways Authority as qualified check engineers for concrete, steel and timber structures for hydraulic construction
  • Railway construction (EBA): certified check engineers for construction technology certification, specialists in railway bridge construction and structural engineering, specifically for concrete, steel and composite structures, experts in the field of geotechnical engineering for tunnel construction
  • Bridges, tunnels and local transportation facilities
  • Heat insulation as per the German Buildings Energy Act (GEG)
  • Welding review and supervision by welding engineers (SFI, EWE)
  • Technical check of corrosion protection by coating inspectors (FROSIO)
  • Production supervision

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