Driven by wind: Certification.

GOCert GmbH, a subsidiary of WTM Engineers, offers independent testing, monitoring and certification of offshore wind farm facilities as per EN ISO/ICE 17065.

In this context, GOCert relies on the experience of our check engineers, offshore experts and other specialists such as building inspectors, specialist welding engineers, concrete technologists and coating inspectors (FROSIO).

Our clients benefit from this bundled expertise, which enables us, as a single source, to offer project-specific, client- and solutions-focussed testing and certification of new and existing wind farms as part of periodic inspections. GOCert’s approach stands out for its great flexibility, swift decision-making and in-depth knowledge.

Certification can be provided for the entire wind farm, consisting of the wind-power system (wind turbine generator) including the foundation, the transition piece, the rotor-nacelle-assembly, and the offshore substation and in-farm inter-array cables.

Our references in certification.

WTM Engineers offers the following certification services:

  • Certification to the “BSH Standard Konstruktion – Mindestanforderungen an die konstruktive Ausführung von Offshore Bauwerken in der ausschließlichen Wirtschaftszone (AWZ)”
  • Certification in line with EN ISO/ICE 17065
  • Certification of the design (first certification)
  • Certification of periodic inspections
  • Certification of repair works and component replacements
  • Interface management with the authorities (BSH et al.)
  • Production supervision, transport and installation management


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