Because things change: Structural assessment.

Today, on existing structures such as bridges, tunnels or hydraulic structures are imposed far greater loads than the original design assumed – be it owing to the action of traffic, wind or water. It is frequently unclear in such instances whether the structures still possess the required load-bearing capacity and serviceability.

WTM Engineers assesses all kinds of civil engineering structures, from road and rail bridges and underground structures through to quays and locks, and recalculates such structures in a way that gives clients an in-depth basis for deciding whether to possibly restore or reinforce them. We rely here on our long-standing experience and knowledge of load bearing mechanisms – our engineers played a key role in the development of the German Recalculation Guideline for Bridges. They can identify hidden load-bearing capacity and in this way can render existing structures viable to meet increased requirements.

We offer structural assessment services as standalone support (e.g. when recalculating bridges as per the Recalculation Guideline) or as part of a holistic status assessment of a structure as the basis for feasibility studies and commercial viability studies with a view to restoration or strengthening measures and the planning thereof.

Our structural assessment services.

WTM Engineers provides the following services:

  • Recalculations for road bridges as per the Recalculation Guidelines and the Instructions for assessment of Coupling Joints and corrosion induced failure of prestressing steel
  • Recalculations for rail bridges, incl. as per RIL 805
  • Recalculations for tunnels, in particular for varying load conditions
  • Recalculations for hydraulic structures, e.g. quay walls, locks
  • Independent check of recalculations


U3 city center subway line restoration

Huntebrücke, A29 interstate

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