WTM Engineers: sustainably mobile

The launch of the special “Deutschlandticket” travelcard has encouraged many people to travel by bus and rail. We, too, believe very strongly in sustainable mobility. Hence for many years, for example, we have been hugely enthusiastic in our planning of numerous important infrastructure measures for local public transport. With consumer prices remaining high, we now want to further ease the burden on our employees, which is why we are enabling them to get the Deutschlandticket for just € 25 per month. This means they are able to use public transport all over Germany for less than € 1 a day. As a result of this offer, the number of employer-issued travelcards increased by 40% in the very first month alone. But WTM Engineers has likewise been putting sustainable mobility into practice for many years with a committed cycling policy. We are increasingly replacing car parking spaces in our underground garage with additional bicycle parking spaces, and offer a company bicycle pool and regular services for private bicycles.

We are delighted that a substantial proportion of our workforce is enthusiastic about the offer. WTM Engineers is thus making a contribution to more sustainable mobility that goes beyond the daily commute.