Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier district certified as a sustainable building site according to the German Sustainable Building Council

The large construction site is intersected by a subway line.

The deep excavation pit lies directly by the quai edge of the Elbe.

Creation of the large-format raft foundations.

Construction of the basement levels.

With the new certification system for sustainable building sites, the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) will in future rate not only the finished building, but also the process of construction, too. As part of the construction process, compliance with environmentally relevant criteria in the areas of building site organization, protection of resources, health and social aspects, communication with the local public, and the quality of the execution are all assessed.

As the first major project to do so, the Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier district was awarded the DGNB’s preliminary certificate for sustainable building sites in June. After completion, all buildings will be certified according to the BREEAM Excellent Standard, and office buildings will all comply with the DGNB Gold standard. The total of 14 buildings are being developed with low-binder concretes. Given the very large concrete masses, this has a considerable influence on the life-cycle assessment indicators in the evaluation of ecological quality.

The mixed-use quarter with its total area of around 419,000 m² is being planned entirely using the BIM method. The services provided by WTM Engineers include the planning of the load-bearing structure including the stages of construction, planning of the excavation pit, and planning of the adjoining engineering structures.