Start of construction in Germany for the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link

Cable dredgers operating on pontoons Fetsy and Manta.

The dredger on pontoon Fetsy with grab volumes of over 20 m³.

Dredging the tunnel trench with backhoe dredger Simson.

Since the beginning of September, main construction activities for Europe’s greatest infrastructure project, the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt have started on the German side. The dredgers, which have been in operation on the Danish side of the Fehmarnbelt since July, have reached the border to Germany and are starting to dredge the tunnel trench in the German Exclusive Economic Zone. The operating pontoons Fetsy and Manta are equipped with grab dredgers with digging volumes of over 20 m³.

In this project WTM Engineers are responsible for the structural third-party review on behalf of the German authorities. As independent check engineers, we ensure the compliance with the plan approval and the structural safety requirements for the tunnel structure, the structures on Fehmarn including the waterfront structures and the temporary structures based on building regulations specifically agreed for this project. On site we check the compliance of the construction work with the approved design.

WTM Engineers look forward to contributing as check engineers to a safe construction.