Sprucing up Helgoland’s inner harbor

The inner harbor on Helgoland after completion of the renovation work.

Installation of the filler planks in the supporting tube structure on the southeast side of the inner harbor.

The “Lady von Büsum” moored at the completed quay. In the background you can see the typical Helgoland lobster stalls.

The newly designed promenade with curved seating area is an additional amenity.

A period of intensive teamwork comes to a successful conclusion.

Due to its location far from the mainland coast, Helgoland as Germany’s only island in deep sea places extraordinary demands on planning and construction logistics as well as a certain weather resistance. For more than ten years, WTM Engineers has been a proven planning partner for the port project company for the overall “Expansion of Helgoland Ports” project. The island boasts five ports. In Helgoland’s inner harbor, the newly laid out and attractively designed southeast shore quay was ceremoniously inaugurated as planned on August 11 after construction that lasted two years. After prior clearance of explosive ordinance and securing of the shore area, a combined tubular sheet pile wall with a prefabricated concrete shell was constructed over a length of 120 m. In the fissured and partly weathered Helgoland red sandstone, the bank wall was anchored back with inclined piles. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the economic committee of the State of Schleswig-Holstein and local politicians as well as the companies involved in the planning and construction.

WTM Engineers worked on the object and structural planning and took care of construction supervision and site management on the ground. You can find information about our other planning activities on Helgoland here.