Quality seal for corporate environmental protection

UmweltPartner in corporate environmental protection.

Energy efficient LED lighting in the entire building

The bike pool at WTM Engineers.

Taking the pool bike to get to an appointment.

In August, the Hamburg Senator for the Environment accepted WTM Engineers as a member of UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg. Together with 1,100 other companies in Hamburg, WTM Engineers is voluntarily making its contribution to operational environmental protection. Our engineering office fulfills all four categories required for this seal of quality: Low-emission operational mobility, energy efficiency, sustainable purchasing, and resource efficiency / circular economy. The transition to paperless office processes and the installation of a sparkling water system in all kitchenettes conserves resources and produces less waste. What’s more, WTM Engineers is subsidizing the Profi-Ticket and motivates cyclists with a free-of-charge bike service or – as is the case now, in September – to take part in Hamburg’s Stadtradeln.