Donating renewable energy

“Give Power” finances and realizes independent systems fit for the future in remote regions in order to give people access to energy.

The district heating tunnel is 1,160 meters long and as a walkable tunnel with an inside diameter of 3.70 meters will in future connect the two banks of the river in Hamburg.

In addition to the crossing structure ElbX, two shaft structures are planned that will accommodate the high-voltage cables in the tunnel.

This year we are again refraining from sending Christmas cards and are instead supporting the non-profit association “Engineers Without Borders”. It is a matter close to our hearts to continue this tradition, to show commitment, and also to focus on the Global South in the process.
With its “Give Power” project Engineers, Without Borders promotes the use of renewable energies for energy production, water extraction and water disinfection. Installed photovoltaic systems thus for example provide clean or warm water for populations in remote communities.
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WTM Engineers are also doing their bit when it comes to the energy transition and sustainable energy supply in terms of how we bring our planning expertise to bear: among other things, we are busy planning two new Elbe Tunnels. In Hamburg industrial waste heat will soon be flowing below the Elbe River from the port to the injection point of the existing district heating network north of the Elbe to the Bahrenfeld district. In the future, green electricity from offshore wind farms will be routed from the north to the south of Germany through a new Elbe crossing further down the river near Glückstadt.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and partners for the good and successful cooperation this year. We wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy start to the new year!