CBTR Civil Engineering Law Prize 2019

Prize for Dr. Karl Morgen.

The 11th Interdisciplinary CBTR Conference took place in the attractive city of Regensburg on June 28. This conference forms the setting for the presentation of the Civil Engineering Law Prize that is awarded every two years by Centrum für deutsches und internationales Baugrund- und Tiefbaurecht (Center for German and International Building Ground and Civil Engineering Law) to outstanding personalities. In his laudatio Prof. Dr. Axel Wirth, President of the CBTR praised Dr. Karl Morgen for his long-standing and extensive contributions to science, teaching and building practice.

One of the speakers in the morning lecture sessions Dr. Karl Morgen also talked about a milestone project of WTM Engineers. In his speech entitled “Europe’s Largest Camera – a Project at the Interface of Nanophysics and Special Civil Engineering” he elaborated on the planning challenges facing the European XFEL research facility in Hamburg.

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