Work starts on the new Berthold-Beitz promenade

The new embankment will be positioned some four meters in front of the old sheet pile wall.

The sheet pile wall is driven into the ground.

A few days ago, construction work officially started on the Berthold-Beitz promenade in Kiel. As early as 2015 this popular section of the Förde Promenade had to be closed to pedestrians. There had been severe corrosion damage to the existing sheet pile wall which had allowed water to seep beneath the pathway. The project is of great importance for the City of Kiel. The current measures will ensure that the roughly 480-meter-long stretch of the embankment can be safely used again.
A new sheet pile wall will be driven into the ground some four meters away from the old one. The new embankment consists of a sheet pile wall anchored at the rear with a reinforced concrete spar. A concrete facing shell will be installed to provide protection against corrosion on the water side.
WTM Engineers were responsible for the project and structural design and some of our colleagues are currently on site in their capacity as local site supervisors.