Construction begins in Neustadt in Holstein

Construction of a new steel pile wall has begun along the approximately 460-meter-long quay.

The support pipes are driven 7–9 meters into the ground at a distance of 2.5 meters.

Vibrating the filler piles into place between the support pipes.

A total of around 220 support pipes are being installed.

Extensive repair work is underway to restore the port facilities of the naval base in Neustadt in Holstein. This is necessary due to the considerable damage to the almost 85-year-old sheet pile walls and the technical installations of the port. The sheet pile wall is being repaired by means of installation of pre-driven combined pipe-sheet piles. Quay areas, floating pontoons and adjoining traffic areas are being redeveloped, while refueling facilities and floating fenders are being dismantled and partially replaced. Port operations remain ongoing during execution of the construction work. WTM Engineers is in charge of the site and structural planning as well as for on-site construction supervision. The latter represents a pilot project in part, with BIM used as a basis.