Two projects recognized by the AIV as Buildings of the Year 2022

Award ceremony on October 12, 2023.

The award ceremony took place at a special venue – the Hinz&Kunzt House, which won the AIV accolade of Building of the Year in 2021. The Maurienbrücke team accepts an AIV award for the Building of the Year 2022 from the awarding authority.

AIV board members join representatives of the award-winning planners and the developer to celebrate the AIV award for Building of the Year 2022, presented for the barrier-free conversion of the Rathaus and Mönckebergstrasse subway stations.

The Maurienbrücke is an important component of the city’s development program. It crosses the Osterbek Canal in alignment with historic Maurienstrasse as an asymmetrical frame bridge with a slender, very light steel superstructure.

The low-maintenance, airtight-welded hollow steel boxes with trapezoidal cross-section are lifted into place.

Barrier-free access to the Rathaus subway station in front of the city administration’s listed headquarters. The appearance of the elevator shafts is very restrained and thus respects the historically important neighborhood.

The conversions and extensions to the stations required major interventions in the existing structures and interfaces to the extensions. Excellent cooperation between the specialist disciplines meant the challenge in this complex location was successfully mastered.

The existing historical coffered ceilings had previously been hidden in places by suspended ceilings. Here they were uncovered and accentuated by lighting.

With the presentation of the AIV award for “Building of the Year 2022”, WTM Engineers has received recognition for two out of three acclaimed projects: the Maurienbrücke bridge in Barmbek on the outskirts of Hamburg and the barrier-free extensions to the Rathaus and Mönckebergstrasse subway stations in the city. Both projects were planned by WTM Engineers in collaboration with Blunck + Morgen Architekten.
The prestigious award presented by the “Architekten- und Ingenieurverein Hamburg e.V.” (Hamburg Association of Architects and Engineers, AIV) recognizes structures whose outstanding quality are the result of successful collaboration between architects, engineers, and developers.

The Maurienbrücke was planned on behalf of the State Agency for Roads, Bridges, and Waterways (LSBG) and is a restrained, yet elegant and floating transparent pedestrian and cycle bridge. It crosses the Osterbek Canal in alignment with historic Maurienstrasse and opens out on the northern bank into a traditionally industrial section of Hamburg at the Museum der Arbeit.
The barrier-free extension of the Rathaus and Mönckebergstrasse subway stations, commissioned by Hamburger Hochbahn AG, was praised for its compatibility with the urban fabric and heritage protection. The new lifts and entrances were carefully integrated into the sophisticated surroundings of the stations dating back to 1912; at the same time, the fully modernized stations maintain their emphasis on the historical supporting structures.
After many years, engineering structures have once again joined the ranks of Hamburg’s eye-catching construction projects. Both our winners treat the historical architectural heritage of the Hanseatic city with care and respect. We are delighted that we have been able to contribute to this trend.