Completion of Katharinenkai Office Building

View from Nikolaifleet.

A fascinating new edifice on Nikolaifleet now lends a new and distinguished look to the city. The KATHARINENKAI office building, with all its atriums and patios, has been ready for occupancy since April. Its location, right on the waterfront on am Tidefleet, and the fact that the neighboring building has only one basement level represented the main technical challenges when planning the load-bearing structure. To guarantee the safety of the different stages of construction, determining the load on the bored pile wall of the ten-meter-deep excavation pit was accorded first priority and possible settlement effects on neighboring buildings assessed in terms of maximum limits. Because of the building’s complexity, with its multi-story setbacks and its atriums, the geometry of the ceilings is different on each level. On the edges of the ceilings, which project on two sides, biaxial tendons minimize any sagging at the points where the façades are anchored. The load-bearing structure consisting of sparingly placed supports and flat ceilings with large span widths offers the best possible conditions for flexible and long-term use of this LEED-certified office building. Our congratulations go to the developers at MOMENI Group and we are looking forward to the new tenants!