WTM Engineers inspects Hamburg’s highest building

Upon completion, the Elbtower will be Hamburg’s highest building at 245 m.

The construction site between the Elbe bridges in the eastern part of the HafenCity.

Installation of the first test piles to a depth of up to 111.4 m and with a diameter of 1.85 m.

The eastern part of the HafenCity is seeing the emergence of what will be Hamburg’s highest building and the third highest in the country. For this landmark in its prominent position – directly at the gateway to the city between the Elbe bridges – we are in charge of the independent third party review of the excavation pit, the foundations, and the load-bearing structure of the building. The team is headed by Dr. Karl Morgen.

Construction of this high-rise on difficult ground first and foremost requires a solid foundation. The test piles already installed are 110 m deep and 1.85 m in diameter, making them the longest bore piles ever installed in Germany. Hamburg’s new landmark will subsequently take shape based in line with a design by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin, reaching 245 m over the next few years. The high-rise will in future provide workplaces for 3,000 people and offer a spectacular view of the Hanseatic city from the viewing platform at a height of over 200 m. The striking building will form the eastern endpoint of the HafenCity, Europe’s biggest inner-city development project. WTM Engineers has been part of the undertaking ever since the master plan was devised back in the year 2000.