Success in the "Areal Kronenrain" competition in Neuenburg am Rhein

First place for planning consortium WTM, MONO and Planorama.

Last year the town of Neuenburg am Rhein staged an open, two-stage pan-European planning competition. The design planning consortium consisting of WTM Engineers, MONO Architekten and Planorama Landschaftsarchitekten held its own against 31 competitors. The competition involved submitting preliminary drafts for the construction of a new parking deck and pedestrian and cycle bridge, as well as for the makeover of the open spaces "Am Kronenrain".

As part of the envisaged urban development scheme the town of Neuenburg am Rhein needs a new central parking deck at "Am Kronenrain". With the future location of the parking deck the design traces the line of the former historical town wall, thereby successfully forging the linkage of ancient and modern the town council so wished to see. The state horticultural show, which it is being hosted here in 2022, likewise forms part of the urban development process. With this in mind the planning consortium designed not only the parking deck but also a filigree bridge as well as a tower with stairs and an elevator, which also serves as a viewing platform. The bridge and tower are intended to act as the main link between the grounds where the future state horticultural show will be held and “Kronenrain” and the downtown area.