Schools project “Allianz 3 Schulen Bremerhaven” enters the construction phase

Signing of the multi-party contract for phase two.

Visualization of the new Lehe primary school.

Learning cluster at the new Lehe secondary school.

Foyer and cafeteria at the Hamburger Strasse school center.

With the “Allianz 3 Schulen Bremerhaven” (“Alliance 3 Schools Bremerhaven”), the first IPA construction project for the public sector enters Phase 2. The start of the construction phase was sealed at the end of April in a public contract-signing ceremony that included a celebration with students. In the integrated project alliance the partners are planning and realizing the new school buildings together in a new type of contract constellation, and in this way, three energetic and educational lighthouse projects are being created for more than 1,500 students. Partners of the multi-party contract are the public developing authority, STÄWOG / BIS, as well as three planning and two executing companies. WTM Engineers’ task involves planning the supporting structure.