Hamburg has just become even more mobile

New platform area at the Rathaus station.

New elevator with service points at the Rathaus subway station.

New elevator at Mönckebergstrasse station.

New flight of steps at Mönckebergstrasse station.

The central section of the U3 loop line in Hamburg between Hauptbahnhof, the main train station, and Rödingsmarkt has been completely modernized and also now boasts barrier-free access. As part of this extensive infrastructure project WTM Engineers planned not only the overhaul of the 861-meter-long subway tunnel between Mönckebergstrasse and Adolphsplatz but also the conversion work and introduction of barrier-free access at the Rathaus and Mönckebergstrasse stations.
The stretch of tracks running through the city center is more than 100 years old and required an comprehensive makeover, both in the tunnel itself and at the stations. The Mönckebergstrasse station has now been equipped with additional staircases, elevators, and ticketing areas as well as with new platforms. The Rathaus station has likewise been modernized, having been given a facelift and fitted out with new elevators. WTM Engineers initially produced a feasibility study for converting and modernizing the stations and introducing barrier-free access; then, together with partner bureaus, handled the general planning. The project planning, the planning for the load-bearing structures, and the modernization planning for the tunnel project took account both of heritage listing stipulations and of the challenging city-center location. Our engineers supervised the extensive construction work on site.

Together with the users, WTM Engineers is gratified by the better mobility and flexibility that these measures offer both Hamburg residents and visitors to the city.